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Curiosity has been my driving force since I was a kid. From breaking toys to see how they were made to spending hours watching the “behind the scenes” of my favorite Disney movies to see how the movie came to life. Inspired by that, I never stopped drawing and creating. 


Later in life that curiosity led me to a can-do attitude. I made a wooden desk with limited tools for my brother when he went to school. I made pictures frames and fixed computers. In college I learned about letters, screen printing, book making, web design, computer design and more.


Woodworking came to my life once my wife and I bought a house. I made wooden signs with left over scrap wood from the previous owners. I took a woodworking class at my local community college and I made an Adirondack chair. I also made a desk and a window seat for my daughter. The basement also got some additions with a table for the laundry room and more shelves for storage. 


I wanted to put my new skills to work and get more involved with the craft. I contacted a local woodworker and a furniture/upholstery shop. After my regular job I was rotating between working with the woodworker and learning upholstery. 


Sometimes at the upholstery shop, the client shipped us brand new furniture. They wanted a different color or a different fabric for the brand new one. The “old” fabric from the brand new furniture was literally thrown out. I was surprised not only by this, but also for some of the prices people paid for furniture and the quality of materials were not that good for the hundreds or even thousands of dollars they paid. I thought people were getting robbed. That gave me the idea to start something. Something honest. Something with craftsmanship, quality, environmental friendly and with unique designs.


I went home and I started making small pieces of furniture for my house. One of the first pieces were two round ottomans for my house. I also practiced making furniture for my daughter’s dolls. I made napkins and dish towels with the left over fabrics. I wasn’t throwing away anything.


The ottomans were popular and some friends and family asked me to make them some for their houses. Despite the beautiful fabrics I found, I wasn’t 100% satisfied with the fabrics I was offering. Not only because the quality of the fabrics but also for the designs. I wanted to design my own fabrics. 


I went on a journey searching and learning about pattern designs for fabrics. I also wanted an option to be environmentally friendly. After an intense search I found that digital printing for upholstery fabrics was my best option. With digital printing I can control not only the design but also the waste of fabric is minimum or none depending on how precise I’m with my design. 


dussán prints use eco-friendly, water-based inks on natural and fiber textiles. No additional chemicals are used in the printing or preparation process.


Craftsman made and environmental friendly. Each piece is made for you with love and with minimum waste possible.