Our fabrics use eco-friendly, water-based inks on natural and synthetic fiber textiles. No additional chemicals are used in the printing or preparation process.

Our designs are digitally printed making it easy to control the design orientation and the waste of fabric is minimum.

Bold. Colorful. Eco-friendly

While I was working in upholstery, I saw first hand how much waste of fabric we had every week. Yards of fabric not always match the length of a particular piece of furniture. In fact, depending of the direction of the pattern on the fabric, it’s a common practice to cut smaller pieces of fabrics, sewing together matching their pattern and repeating this process until getting the right length. The pattern that doesn’t match is tossed.


I had the same issue while I was doing my own projects at home. At the end of a project, I had extra small pieces of fabric not long enough to complete a full one. Sometimes my daughter took the extra pieces and played with her Barbie's. Sometimes I made cloth napkins and drying towels for our dishes. At least we were using them.


While I was designing the fabrics, I was designing them thinking that I'd have to match the pattern and follow the same process explained above. I was ok with that. At the end of a project, I'd have a lot of extra napkins and drying cloths...


Until I discovered digital printing for fabrics. It's like a home/office printer but big and it prints on fabric instead of a paper. I’m pretty sure it’s more complex than that but that’s the concept.


With that in mind, I had the freedom of designing however I wanted and also controlling the direction of the pattern. No more cutting smaller pieces of fabric and sewing together to complete a length I needed. Not only that, digital printing is less harmful for the environment.


Our basketweave texture fabrics offer great quality with bright colors. Perfect to decor your living room or bedroom. 


With the freedom of digital design and digital printing, the possibilities of creation a beautiful product are endless.


With colorful fabrics, you will have a unique bright piece at home to delight your family and friends.


Each design was first a post-it note. They were many post-it notes before we settled for the final ones.